Mt Ramsmore_48x2410 inches 72 dpi JPEG.jpg

MOUNT RAMSMORE SOLD Ultra Limited Edition print available

24' by 48" wide

You may remember the "sketch that I did last year of this Monumental piece. It was done using colored India Ink markers and turned out spectacular. I debated using Silver Leafing for the sky in the original because I loved the contrast of the bright sky to the dark rugged mountain the real monument was carver out of. When I put it out to the general public, they liked the black background best. SOOOOO I decided to keep my options open and will offer the prints with either Gold/Copper/Silver foil skies or plain black. You will see that I DID use gloss varnish on the bottom mountain and dull on the sky to delineate the two. Like fine lamb leather versus suede?