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Lick and a Promise_24x18 10 inches 72 dpi  JPEG.jpg

18" X 24" WIDE

Once again a great Cat interaction, this brother and sister are grooming one another. Our own unrelated boy cats have learned to do this love / friendship action. It is interesting to watch the needy one demand this attention from the eldest one. The two who do not get along do not engage in it at all! Animal nature teaches us once again.

Three's Not A Crowd_10 inches 72 dpi JPEG.jpg

16" X 16"

It is hard to tell in Nature, but it seems that in the wild, other than in breeding season, animals of the same species get along a lot better than we humans do. They share a bit more willingly of the resources. Only when things get scarce does it bring out the jealousy and protectiveness that we people manifest far too often.

That's Just The Way I Roll_10 inches 72 dpi JPEG.jpg

24" x 36" wide

Oh man, is this not the quintessential CAT pose? I don't care what the weather is, once they have been let out side they HAVE to roll before they come back inside the house. We watched this guy perform for at least ten minutes as he was marking territory and wandering around looking for a mate. He was one who thought that the female up a tree was going to choose, from my piece called "Choices" last year.

Almost out of the woods 72dpi JPEG.jpg

20" x 60" wide

The title of this piece was going to be "Fear and Paranoia" because it is two young wolves running intently. I changed the title to one that is a bit more hopeful. Thank heavens I had great photos of fall colored Aspen from my last trip to Jackson Hole, WY. I just had to put the "Sally Spin" on them though and make the leaves real 18K gold marker. I used copper metallic marker as well and overcoated both with my inks to make this semi-real scene glow. Hope you enjoy it.

Mt Ramsmore_48x2410 inches 72 dpi JPEG.jpg

24' by 48" wide

You may remember the "sketch that I did last year of this Monumental piece. It was done using colored India Ink markers and turned out spectacular. I debated using Silver Leafing for the sky in the original because I loved the contrast of the bright sky to the dark rugged mountain the real monument was carver out of. When I put it out to the general public, they liked the black background best. SOOOOO I decided to keep my options open and will offer the prints with either Gold/Copper/Silver foil skies or plain black. You will see that I DID use gloss varnish on the bottom mountain and dull on the sky to delineate the two. Like fine lamb leather versus suede?