Bipolarjpeg 10 wide.jpg


24' tall by 60" wide cradled


This piece serves multiple purposes. I always like to show the difference between a subject on a black background versus one on white so others can grasp the intensity of color that happens when it is surrounded by black. This piece is also a bridge between a new medium that I am looking in to using more often, Markers with India Ink in them that can be used on the white clay base for scratchboard and then cut back and redrawn like the black surface. I am loving it! It is totally drawing, no painted washes of color involved at all. My inner Van Gogh is finally unleashed. ( quietly, the subject of mental awareness is high on my mind lately, having lost an old friend to Bi-polar disorder. I have started reading about many disorders of the human brain after observing behavior in our own cats, amazingly. Anxiety crosses all species and that is where I started my research. I have learned a great deal about my own self and those close to me. More to learn for sure!)

  • $35,000