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Adoration 24x22.jpg

24" wide X 22" tall


One more human emotion that can be visualized in animals is that of adoration. These guys are going through their greeting ritual and pure love is shown right here, right now. I just thouroughly enjoy wathcing animals do this. Wolves are not the only ones as our own domestic house cats do it when they have been seperated for a while.

Fading Wild Clearwater Steelhead 36x24.jpg

24 X 36

The first in a new series I am compiling featuring little known species from right here in the USA that are in the brink if being declared Endangered. This fish IS endangered in many California Rivers and getting close in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. It is partially due to climate change and warmer waters but also to mismanagement on the part of humans. Over fishing and the Hydroelectric Dams that block passage are the majority of the problem. Looks for more as I get good photos of them Photo credit, Steve Pettit.

Grumpy 18x24.jpg

18 x 24

There was no other name for this old Grizzly Bear. He was not a happy trouper and walked around his enclosure like most old men Humans I know. No way to cheer them up. It is a shame.

I've got your back 18x18.jpg

18 x 18

In typical Mom fashion, this Cheetah is looking over her child's shoulder and looking in a totally different direction than where it is focused, I just love the interaction.