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Eminent Doom_10inches 72 dpi .jpg

36" wide by 60" tall

Hurricane Harvey hit us hard. My former studio and George's Used Car Dealership was totally submerged underwater from the Colorado River in Texas. The storm sat just to the North of it and emptied rain for three days. When we knew that the "cone of opportunity" showed it's path to be straight at out town, we were a thousand miles away. All we could do was sit and watch it move closer and direct actions from afar. We managed to minimize the effects and recoup much quicker than most. I wanted to capture the feeling of being doomed, but actually ended up channeling the power of the bear into my self and finding courage from it. " See the Bear or BE the Bear" is now my new saying.

Got Him Spotted_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg

24"x 24"

A bit of a play on words? of course! The curious cat has now got something in his radar. I cannot wait to get back to Africa and find more Lions, Leopards and Cheetah to photograph.

Where d He Go_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg


Cats are my love. We have 5 of our own mini panthers. They all seem to have the same characteristics. their expressions and their movements do not change according to breed or size much at all. Curiosity is the biggest thing I notice about them. Here the predator has lost his prey.

May I Try Some of Yours_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg


Don't you just love that someone who always reaches across your place and grabs something BEFORE they ask if they may. Politeness says ask first and take later or have it given to you. I am all about us trying to revive civility.

The Eye Has It_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg


I am a lover of being ones own boss. I also say the best committee is a committee of ONE, therefor the title of this piece, a play on words of course. The eye itself is the only part of the piece that seems centered and not full of anxiety and confusion, kind of like the Hurricane we went through as I was working on this piece!

Stargazers_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg


Seems like all species enjoy watching the clear night sky. Maybe it is a time for thinking about the past or planning for the future. It is always better when you have a partner for company.

Generations_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg


I fell in love with these awkward creatures the first time I saw them in the wild. I do not know how one animal can be both elegant as well as clumsy at the same time. they have so many unusual movements necessitated by their unusual build but have managed very well. This family is gliding past at close to sundown. the trees are golden and copper.